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Available in store

Grass Fed Cow & Goats Milk

This milk is pasterized but not homogenized.

Which means that the cream is on top.

Drinkable Yogurt is also available.

  • Welcome to Rockome Foods

    Serving you with the best of products and healthy foods.

    The cheese made here at Rockome Foods is made from full cream / grass fed cows milk, fresh from a local dairy. 

    Currently, we are making cheese curds on Thursday.

    We also feature Bakery items, Bulk foods, Canned Jar Goods, Homemade Candies and Meats and Cheeses.

    Rockome Garden Foods is located in the heart of the Arthur, IL Amish Community.

    We would love to have all of you stop in sometime so that we can meet each of you personally.

    Until then feel free to shop at our online store.

     Our products are made from quality ingredients.

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